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Just your average geek
Fries (the Belgian ones ofcourse)
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Strange food
Annoying people
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"You're a girl, why is your room a mess, the boys their room aren't a mess. And why aren't you talking to them, you're not hiding are you."

I pay the rent, I keep quit, I clean the public rooms and I am in no way a bother.
So please don't burst in to my room at 8 a clock in the evening after a day of school when the only thing I want to do is sleep, whining how my room (my private room not the kitchen,not the bathroom, my room) is a mess because I left a towel on the floor. Don't come in complaining on how I'm not social with the other people living here. I'm sorry that I don't want to be social at 1 am in the morning, since that is the only time I hear them.
Then again, it's still better than boarding school.

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Annetkax3 Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
I saw your belgium cosplay and it's so cute and awesome!! I'm just curious, Did you make yours?
CeceChan Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2011
Aww thank you so much : D
I made both dresses but I bought the pants and the dress shirt : )
Annetkax3 Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Awesome! Did you make the dress with a pattern? ouo?
Annetkax3 Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
thank you! Did you make the dress with a pattern?
CeceChan Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2011
Late comment is late :')
No I didn't use a pattern, I always figure stuff out on the moment.
SairuNfhrx Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2011
Join De Grootste Belgische Cosplay Groep ^__^
Elke Maand Zijn Er Events Op Verschillende Locaties ,
Skype, Gaming, Anime, Manga, Guides, Walktroughs,
Tips, Contests En Veel Meer ^__^ Anime Fans, Gamers,
Cosplayers, fotograven en veel meer, allemaal welkom!

KurohaneShizumi Featured By Owner May 3, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Gelukkige verjaardag~!! 8DDD
CeceChan Featured By Owner May 4, 2011
Dankuwel : D
xenvive Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2011  Student Artist
hoi~ Holland van tsunacon hier~
goed nieuws
ik mag naar tsuna~hehe
CeceChan Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2011
Ja ik had het al gezien op't forum : D
Gaat Party in Swedens pants nu eigenlijk door? Nu er geen Sweden meer is :')
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